First Flight On the Job

So after a month on the road DJing, my host decided to continue with his dream of opening a business back in Canada. I’ve been home for a solid week but am set to leave on a plane Friday morning for White Plains, NY (Grand Rapids > Chicago > White Plains… 5 am start, ugh). Going back on tour sooner than expected. Of course my car is in the shop right now. 

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Hell's Bridge (Michigan) - Strange Haunting Photos

Hell’s Bridge is a semi-popular haunt spot for thrill seekers and ghost hunters alike. As the legend goes, Elias Friske killed a number of children he was entrusted with during a search party for the missing children. It is claimed he was hung from the bridge after the horrific events that took place sometime in the 1800s. 365daysofhorror

You can read the legend more in-depth here:—-the-ghost-of-elias-friske.shtml

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You Are I(magination)

When pondering the greatest question of existence, the “crazy” idea has popped up that we could be the components of someone else’s imagination. Well… we technically are.

Any time you eat off a plate, interact with technology, drive or ride in a vehicle, put on clothing — whatever it may be, you are interacting with the concrete structure of another’s once-blueprint thoughts. Your actions are reflected on something that began in another’s brain. Someone you may have never met. You become a part of their imagination.

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No Drinking Water?

Got in a conversation with a couple people last night about the amount of water used for this ice bucket challenge. This morning, I was thinking of an apocalyptic movie idea about parts of the world not having any more fresh water. IRONICALLY, I just saw a story on The Weather Channel about a town that currently has no drinking water. At all. I swear when I think of random ideas at times, they actually happen. 

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