No Drinking Water?

Got in a conversation with a couple people last night about the amount of water used for this ice bucket challenge. This morning, I was thinking of an apocalyptic movie idea about parts of the world not having any more fresh water. IRONICALLY, I just saw a story on The Weather Channel about a town that currently has no drinking water. At all. I swear when I think of random ideas at times, they actually happen. 

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How beary cute.

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Dream Job Landed

I recently landed a position as DJ/Production Assistant for a touring trivia game show called “Think Fast!” The first show, of many, begins August 11th in Georgia. We have made a stop in Murfreesboro, TN, for the night. The job entails the set-up and breakdown of a set then DJing music during the show. We will be making stops to numerous colleges, the host and I. Other states we will be visiting, in August alone, are Maryland, the Carolinas, New York (Long Island), Virginia and a few others. I could not be more excited!

You can view details on this page dedicated to blogging about the trip.

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